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Bureau OTIZ

Bureau OTIZ

Who we are:

As a security company we continuously have a close look at the business marketplace and the associated security issues. Where others try to propose their product as a solution we, in cooperation with you, will try to find the most suitable and effective solution for the problems you are facing.

To offer an efficient solution we often achieve this with our standard products, but we are able and willing to develop new equipment.
· We have created solutions against theft of containers and heavy metal objects: easy to operate and very affordable.
· A system that adequately prevents unnoticed theft of any metal, wood or stone artefacts, irrespective of size.
· A system that immediately notices the theft of aluminium or copper lightning conductors.
We also have a radio module that when it is positioned in a moving object we’re able to trace it. The module can’t be jammed by any means and hiding the object in a building or large container is pointless: we will always find the object.
For more information please contact us through our contact form.

Bureau Otiz only supplies to businesses.
Private parties please refer to one of our dealers. See for a dealer near you our dealer page.

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